Team Our team

Quang Huynh

Founder & CEO

A keen fisherman and a love for the outdoors, Quang has been working in the Healthcare industry for over 10 years developing IT solutions for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and private Hospitals around the UK.

He has a Software Engineering background and has been developing software personally, for businesses and corporations for over 15 years around the world. His passion is to develop software particularly in the Healthcare industry as it is more rewarding knowing that the software ultimately helps the patient and their care.

Timothy Chung


A passionate traveller, diver and fencer. Tim studied computer science and researched robotics at Columbia University and briefly at Cambridge University. At Columbia University, he researched and created a Machine Learning driven grasping pipeline in collaboration with the Columbia Medical School.

Working with startups in San Francisco since he was 15, he has written softwares used in production by Columbia University, Standard Chartered Bank, NHS, and LendingClub.

Paul Byrom

Director - UK Operations

Paul has spent 10 years as a Digital Operations Head helping organisations with delivery and strategy of transformational projects. He is passionate about improving the quality of service that the NHS can provide by enabling hospitals to be more efficient and data driven. Having worked with many large enterprise organisation he understands the importance of implementing and measuring change that fits existing business processes.

Paul looks after all day-to-day operations in the UK whilst maintaining strong relationships with all UK customers.

Jason Patterson

VP of Engineering

Jason studied Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University. He was a former researcher focusing on Machine Learning and Genome studies at the Columbia Medical School in New York.

A once aspiring medical school student, he enjoys finding ways to improve the delivery of healthcare and discovery of novel health solutions through technology.