Products - Survee Product Information

Survee is a survey texting service that helps Hospitals send text messages to patients and asks them to fill in a survey. Statistics from the patient survey responses are collected monthly and then sent to the Hospital for reporting purposes.

The Hospital designs their own survey or questionnaire and once published, they can then provide the link to the patient messaging service.


A very good example of this service would be for the Friends & Family Test (FFT). Patients visiting A&E or attending their outpatient appointments can be texted a “Survee Text” with the link to the FFT questionnaire and they can fill in their responses. All responses from the patients are anonymous and there would be no way of telling who sent what response.


To retrieve the patient list, we will work with the Hospital to do the integration work. Typically, we send out Survee Text messages to A&E attendances and Outpatient appointments from the previous day. Therefore, the integration work would involve retrieving these patient’s attendances and appointments.

We also provide tools to manage those patients who wish to opt out of any form of mobile text messaging. If patient is on the no send list, the service would not send a text message to them.

Additional Costs – Mobile Carrier Charges

Please note that there are additional costs to the Survee service regarding the sending of a text message. Each text message that is sent to a patient incurs an additional mobile carrier cost. We charge competitive mobile text message rates at market price.

Mobile companies such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, EE and Three typically charge between 2p-4p per text message. We will always try to get you the lowest possible rate that we can find.

Example text messaging carrier cost scenario for FFT

Let the lowest rate for each message be 2p.

  • 1,000 text messages per day x lowest rate = £20
  • 30,000 text messages per month x lowest rate = £600
  • 360,000 text messages per year x lowest rate = £7,200

Our standard practice is to invoice for the text messaging carrier charges monthly before you get your survey response report. The charges will vary month by month and are dependent on the volume of text messages that are sent out.