Products - Secure Medform Product Information

Secure Medform is a service that enables a Hospital to publish online forms that contain confidential data. Upon submission from a member of the public, the form will be securely processed and transferred from the public domain to within the private hospital network.

Often Hospitals want to provide to the public many online booking forms that contain confidential data fields. These fields may contain patient information from full name, NHS number, date of birth, etc. These fields are very useful to the Hospital as they can contact the patient directly to request further information and/or organize an appointment. Some examples are a Maternity form for patients who are pregnant, or a HR form containing job or intern information.

Regardless of the type of form, the confidential data must always be handled and processed securely. The member of the public needs the comfort in knowing that the information they submit will only be seen by Hospital and members of staff responsible for that form. It must not be seen by anyone else and it must not be available on the internet.

Once the form has been submitted and is available on the private hospital network, Hospital staff can then view the contents of the form and act accordingly based on the form content and procedures.

Hospital staff are provided tools and dashboards to help manage the online form submissions. The dashboard will display forms that are either new and it will also display those that have been actioned. When a form has been actioned, it simply means the form was processed, the patient was contacted and plans have been arranged. This helps others keep track of what has or has not been done.