Products - Psych Product Information

Psych is a Mental Health database that helps Psychiatry departments and their teams manage the care of patients who are at risk for or suffer from mental illness. Each referral letter contains a collection of clinical forms. These forms help gather all the information that is required for each patient to assist with their care.

These clinical forms include:

  • Referral, assessment and safeguarding details
  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7
  • CORE10
  • Scales

Tools and dashboards are provided for the Psychiatry team to create and update each referral. A live tracking system is also available for the Psychiatry team to track and monitor patients who are currently under care or a new referral. Live updates can be made from the tracker system and all changes are done and reflected in real time.

Common reports can be provided for different requirements and statistical purposes. If a report is not available at request, there are analytic tools provided to find any information against the data set. You can custom make your own report and share it with others.

The data collected from the forms can be mapped to a custom Referral form for printing purposes. There is also a service available for this custom Referral form to be sent to the patient’s GP instead of sending it via post.