Products - PatientDB Product Information

PatientDB is an on premise, web based, secure medical platform that specialises in hosting custom designed medical forms and multi-step workflows that are validated against the organization’s business rules.

PatientDB is changing the way a Hospital EMR/EPR system is designed and taking a different approach to managing clinical data within the six areas of the Hospital. These six areas include Inpatient, Outpatient, Theatres (Surgery), Maternity, Emergency and Patient Administration.

Each of these areas requires data to be recorded and the data that needs to be recorded is different from Hospital to Hospital. The data that needs to be recorded all falls under what we like to call Medical Forms.

All medical forms are created to record important information regarding what took place during an appointment or attendance, as well as pre-existing conditions, post-appointment advice and other medical information. Non-clinical forms will record data such as patient demographics, addresses, contact details, questionnaires, and audits, etc.

On top of that, there may be information data sets that are mandatory to be recorded, which may come from a government or medical body. These are generally for audit and statistical purposes. Often these datasets come with a financial incentive for the Hospital if they meet specific targets.

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