Products - Messagegram Product Information

Messagegram is an all-inclusive patient appointment reminder text messaging service. The product provides a 2-way SMS appointment service with an optional confirmation service to acknowledge the patient’s response.

We also provide you with the essential tools and dashboards to help you monitor all the appointment reminders and activities.


These tools include:

  1. Managing cancelled appointments, ensuring they’ve been actioned and that patients have received the appropriate feedback or rescheduled appointment
    Messagegram Actioned
  2. Viewing all the patient’s responses and if the text message was sent successfully
    Messagegram Responses
  3. Keeping track of texting costs daily, monthly and yearly
    Messagegram Rates

Additional Costs – Mobile Carrier Charges

Please note that there are additional costs to the Messagegram service regarding the sending of a text message. Each text message that is sent to a patient incurs an additional mobile carrier cost. We charge competitive mobile text message rates at market price.

Mobile companies such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, EE and Three typically charge between 2p-4p per text message. We will always try to get you the lowest possible rate that we can find.

Example text messaging carrier cost scenario

Let the lowest rate for each message be 2p.

  • 1,000 text messages per day x lowest rate = £20
  • 30,000 text messages per month x lowest rate = £600
  • 360,000 text messages per year x lowest rate = £7,200

We highly encourage going with 3 way messaging (include the confirmation service), so that all parties receive a response and are properly informed after a text message reply.