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Fesian is a healthcare company that specialises in creating health information technology, providing bespoke and innovative software applications for the healthcare industry.

Our aim is to create flexible and user friendly software for health services and professionals to improve the quality of patient care. We have over 15 years experience in software engineering and have delivered unique systems and solutions that have far exceeded the expectations of our customers.

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Messagegram Appointment reminders

Patient appointment reminders via text messaging. We can send 1-way, 2-way or multi-way text messages to the patient. We also offer an option for patients to respond with confirmation of attendance or a cancellation.


About PatientDB - Medical Forms

  1. Patient Options View demographics
  2. System Options Navigate clinical area
  3. Form Options Linked medical forms across specialities
  4. Search Find patient with different variables
  5. Placeholder

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  • InterveneIntervene Pharmacy Intervention Intervene is a software solution that facilitates the recording of clinical (prescribing and administration) interventions of patients in real-time.
  • SurveeSurvee Text to Web Surveys A service that allows Hospitals to send text messages to patients to visit a link and fill in an anonymous survey. A useful example of this would be the NHS' Friends & Family Test (FFT).
  • PsychPsych Mental Health Psych is Mental Health database and is a collection of medical forms that records the attendance and outcome of a psychiatric patients. It also serves as a live tracking system to keep track of current patients under care and allows updates of their care in real time.
  • Secure MedformSecure Medform Secure Public Forms Secure Medform are online public forms that patients can fill in to communicate with the Hospital without permanent storage on the cloud. All confidential data will be collected and transferred to the Hospital servers and a dashboard is provided for staff to see and manage form submission activity.

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