Products - Docsy Product Information

Docsy is a file management and document conversion service. The service allows Hospital to manage all their files, documents and images on secure servers. The Dropbox-like user interface used to manage the content is very intuitive with options to upload, edit, delete and share.

The document conversion service can convert one format to another depending on the requirements. It also capable of separating content from a large document into multiple documents. That way the documents are intelligently organized so it is efficient for viewing, browsing and searching. The days of opening a large document and scrolling up & down to find what you are looking for are over.

Example of file conversion and separation

Many hospitals use DictateIT as a service for dictation. DictateIT saves and appends clinic letters into Microsoft Word documents by patient hospital number. Each Microsoft Word document can contain from 1 to 50 clinic letters depending on the patient’s clinic attendance. These documents are then saved within a single speciality folder, therefore there can be tens of thousands of patient documents in a one folder.


If you are a doctor and need to view a patient’s clinic letter, you’re going to have a hard time finding it. Firstly, you need to find the patients dictated document, and then within that document you will need to scroll up and down to find the clinic letter you are after. This is very inefficient and increases clinic times when it's unnecessary.

The Docsy service can solve this inefficient process by going through each patient document and intelligently splitting them up into individual letters and storing them away in a safe secure location. The clinic letters will be separated and stored by speciality tags.

Doctors are provided with a user friendly interface to see the clinic letters sorted by clinic date. They can easily see the clinic date and then view the letter they want with a single click. The added benefit of letters bring processed via Docsy is that now it’s possible to perform keyword searches within all the clinic letters available for that patient. Analytics is now possible which was never available before.